IBT Oil & Gas


IBT Oil & Gas, a member of the IBT Group of Companies was incorporated as a private limited company. It is a wholly indigenous and well capitalized energy and derivatives company engaged in integrated commercial activities of the downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry.

Taking advantage of investment opportunities thrown up by the deregulation and liberation policy of the Nigerian central government, it obtained authorized dealership in the downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry.The ambit of its core operations entails energy marketing and consultancy on the sourcing, procurement, importation, marketing, and of petroleum products.

For purpose of establishing competence, it concentrates on energy consultancy and the marketing and distribution of petroleum products and aims to achieve a leading brand in the downstream sector and command enthusiastic patronage.

Our Philosophy


To build a company that shall transform into an Institution of heritage as Preferred Petroleum Products Marketing Corporation and Admired for Its People, Partnerships, and Performance.


To be recognized as a distinctly preferred choice in the marketing and distribution of assured quality petroleum products to a desired range of clientele and to remain consistently reliable source of supply.


IBT OIL AND GAS will seek to remain a proactive, solution-oriented and eficiently private-run enterprise, relying on a team of highly proficient and dedicated staff fusing appropriate technology
and reliable infrastructure, in a motivating and friendly work environment and earning sustainable
high returns for our shareholders.


To seek other ways of achieving continuous business improvement in optimal efficiency and efectiveness in our enterprise.

To convert entrepreneurial concepts and motives into result-oriented actions and profit generating and value creation tools.

To provide highly stimulating and interactive work platform for finding solution-oriented and competitive advantages to the most significant and fundamental challenges encountered in the downstream oil & gas industry.

Our Values


Our operations are carried out within the framework of strict compliance with safety regulations and high environmental standards.


We strive to accomplish and surpass the highest standards in passionate and painstaking commitment to details.


We strive to ensure that our decissions are based on the best practice and uncompromising interest, while our business conduct is transparent and comply with code of good corporate governance.

We are committed to applying highest principles of equal opportunity, integrity, operational excellence, innovation and continuous improvements in our relationships with employees, clients, prospects, partners, stakeholders, regulatory agencies and government.


We recognize that our business depends on our customers, therefore, we undertake to treat the customers' right always. We approach them with a positive atitude and respond appropriately to their needs.


The interest of the team is promoted and held above the personal aspiration of the individual, while conveying our capabilities to provide empowerment, career growth and, mutual respect for all employees.

Our Strengths

Share Capital

IBT Oil & Gas Limited has a modest authorized share capital of nearly N50 million and further initiated a deliberate scheme to acquire standard operational infrastructure that would create an enabling platform to facilitate smooth operations and hitch-free service delivery. The firm currently operates from its modest temporary corporate office located at No 22, Birao street, Wuse2, Abuja. We have an office is in Lagos and it serves as a branch to handle our business operations in that region of the country. IBT Oil & Gas provides operations that are at the cutting-edge of innovation, eficiency, and customer-oriented solutions and never the less cost-efective, woven around an individual selection within a comprehensive package.


The company is supported by technically competent professionals with vast experience and strong capacity in business development strategy and marketing network and maintains strong alliance with reputable products supplying institutions. In line with our focus on promoting best practices and the highest levels of professionalism and customer service at all times, the company assembled a concise staff complement of dedicated professionals, with the aim of providing our clients with maximum support at all times. From a review of our operations, various strategic initiatives were considered to position the company to meet the challenges of an ever-dynamic business environment.

Our Products And Services

In order not to attempt to represent everything to all, IBT Oil & Gas rather chose to establish a competence and concentrates to provide a limited range of select products and services to support and fulfil broad energy strategies and requirements. Along with our strength and stability, we offer professional insight and the highest levels of personal service.

Our solutions have taken into cognizance our perception and understanding of the peculiar requirements of the typical contemporary organization regarding vital information on Product Availability, Service Delivery, Cost Eficiency, Flexibility, and Profitability.

Our Range of Products and Consultancy Services

  • Supply of Automotive Gas Oi l(Diesel)
  • Supply of LPFO
  • Supply of DPK
  • Product Delivery
  • Storage & Stock Management
  • Energy Consultancy
  • Crude Oil Lifting and Marketing
  • Vessel management services
  • Haulag eservices.

Our Operations

The business operations entails integrated commercial and technical activities leading to procurement, storage, distribution, bulk-breaking and marketing of wide range of petroleum products and other derivatives including automotive gas oil(AGO), fuel oils (LPFO), dual purpose kerosene (DPK), oil etc. In readiness to penetrate the domestic market, the company initiated and adopted the strategy of committing huge investment in an expansive storage capacity. Already, the company is working on acquiring a terminal hat has storage capacity of 21,000MT alongside a leased depot facility with a capacity of 15,000MT in Lagos. In addition, negotiations have reached advanced stage for the acquisition of two different storage facilities which are strategically located around the northern and south eastern flanks for business competitiveness, with a combined depot capacity of 45,000MT ultimately , it is envisaged that as part of a sustained programme for technical infrastructure development, the company would command a total storage capacity of 80,000MT in the long-run.


Furthermore, realizing the significance of marine and road haulage, the company initiated an integration strategy involving the acquisition of a fleet of trucks and sea-vessels targeted at establishing a sound and reliable platform for effective product delivery mechanism.

Our Sales And Marketing

To establish relevance and sound footing, the company desires to retain a consistent stock of between 20,000 (low) and 50,000T (high) tonnes per consignment. Demand patern in the market portends a strong indication that these volume of supplies is sustainable within the trading cycle. Nevertheless, the spate of fierce competitiveness and market dominance has made imperative the formulation of appropriate business development strategies and ,arketing initiatives. The ever presence of thining margins recomends the pursuit of strategies for increasing turnover, decreased transaction cycle and efficiency. A successful strategy would be to cultivate and sustain relationship with the major marketing companies (MMCs) and industrial end-users that possess the capacity to take bulk deliveries of cargo on consistent basis. To this end IBT Oil & Gas a corps of dedicated sales executives that look after specific portolios for business development and have thorough knowledge of the [eculiarities and requirements of the industry. Our system is structured to provide each client personalized and sulotion oriented service and ensure that our peiople are always available to follow through on emerging transactions. Our belief as an energy supply agent is that we would consistently add value to the organization and make the ensuing business relationship mutually rewarding.

Our Management

IBT Oil & Gas is been led by a team of young professionals with drive, commitment and zeal to succeed. Our management team led by Mr.Ibrahim Tijani always looks for ways of adding values to any transaction we are involved in. The following are the key members of the Management Team.

Ibrahim Tijani (Mr)

He is the Executive Chairman of the company. He is a quantity surveyor by training but an established businessman with vast investment in various sectors of the economy notably aviation and construction.

Segun Amosu (Mr)

He is the Executive Director Commercial. He obtained first and second degree in marketing, a PDG in transport and logistics chain mangement from Nigerian Institute of Technology, Zaria and an MBA from the university of Abuja. Mr. Amosu brought on board an extensive experience acquired in oil and gas companies of repute i.e. PPMC, Zenon petroleum and Gas, and SPOG Petrochemicals where he worked both at middle management and top management levels. He has considerable experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the industry.

UmarGirgiri Lawan (Mr)

He is a chemistry graduate and has a MSC in oil & gas engineering from Robert Gordon University, Scotland. He has considerable experience in research, engineering, consulting and general operations, having worked in reputable organisations such as NICCO Sweet & Confectionaries, African Cycles Pollution Management and DHL Aviation. He is the executive director in charge of operations.

Wali Bashiru Abba (Alh)

Mr.Wali Bashiru Abba holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Abubakar Tafa-Bslewa University. He has worked with companies like Afri-Projects Consortium Limited. He brings in wealth of experience having held important positions in various organisations. He is the Executive Director of Finance.

Adamu Useni (Alh)

Adamu Useni is the Head of Operations. He is an Admin Technology graduate and is charged with the responsibility of logistics and business management. He is well at home with maintenance and running of trucks in the most efficient manner and is conversant with the petroleum products distribution networkin Nigeria.



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